Trading system: Synthetic-FX

Synthetic-FX: Revolutionizing Trading with Neural Network Precision

Introducing "Synthetic-FX", a cutting-edge trading system at the forefront of financial innovation. Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and neural networks, Synthetic-FX revolutionizes the landscape of algorithmic trading.

The trading system works with the trading account in Fusion Markets company.

Key Features of the Trading System

Synthetic-FX trading system is the peak of achievements in the world of modern technologies related to machine data processing and artificial intelligence.
Neural Network Intelligence
Our system employs advanced neural networks to analyze vast datasets, identifying intricate patterns and trends within the financial markets. This allows Synthetic-FX to make informed and adaptive trading decisions.
Predictive Analytics
Through machine learning, Synthetic-FX continuously refines its predictive models, staying ahead of market movements and providing users with a strategic advantage in volatile conditions.
Dynamic Risk Management
The system integrates intelligent risk management algorithms, ensuring prudent risk control and capital preservation. Synthetic-FX adapts dynamically to market fluctuations, optimizing risk-reward ratios for sustainable profitability.
Multi-Asset Capabilities
Synthetic-FX is not limited to a single asset class. It navigates seamlessly across various financial instruments, including forex, commodities, and indices, offering a diversified approach to trading.
Real-Time Decision-Making
Enjoy the benefits of real-time decision-making. Synthetic-FX analyzes market data instantaneously, executing trades with speed and precision to capitalize on emerging opportunities.
User-Friendly Interface
Designed with traders in mind, Synthetic-FX features an intuitive user interface, making it accessible for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to algorithmic trading.

Why choose Synthetic-FX?
We work hard every day to make the success of our partners better.
Performance with alternative brokers
Asses the potential of the trading system with other brokerage companies where our bot works.
Trading performance with IC Markets broker
The trading system Synthetic-FX was started on the live trading account with IC Markets broker in February 2024. With quality order execution, a highly competitive trading environment and low costs, the performance of the Synthetic-FX trading system with IC Markets broker is flawless. And taking into account the fact that for each trade (regardless of the result) a rebate is paid, it makes the yield even greater.
MyFxBook monitoring
Get copied this strategy to your account
Choose the option that fits you best to copy Synthetic-FX trading system. You may rely on us if you need an advice.
$30 per month
Get copied the strategy from MQL5. Price is 30$ per month. Fast order execution and tight spreads for cross pairs are required. Your MT4 terminal should stay online 24/7 in order to ensure synchronous copying of trades. Or you can rent VPS or get it for free (e.g. from here).
20% (profit share)
This method involves direct management of the trading account. Your account is recommended to be opened with one of the 10 offered brokers presented on the PAGE.
We take care of all the technical work. Your involvement in trading is not required.
$35 per month
Get copied the strategy from SignalStart. Price is 35$ per month. Fast order execution and tight spreads for major pairs are required. And the lower the transaction fee, the better. Can be copied to both MT4 and MT5 accounts. VPS is not required.
Trading performance (absolute gain):
2024: 20%
2 months
This system has been launched on real trading account in January 2024.
20% TWR
Time-Weighted Return is 20% for 2 months.
2% DD
Drawdown didn't exceed 2%.
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