Trading system: SCR-GOLD

Unlocking Gold profits: a comprehensive guide to SCR-GOLD trading system

The SCR-GOLD trading system is meticulously crafted for gold trading, offering full automation and tested success on the advanced MetaTrader5 platform. Operating in the post-North American trading session, it hunts for short-term signals during reduced market volatility. At the same time, the trading system includes manual trades, the purpose of which is to minimise potential risks from trading at low-liquidity times. Their duration can be from several hours to several days.

Equipped with StopLoss and TakeProfit orders, the algorithm safeguards against unexpected spikes. Trades are executed at market prices upon signal generation, with an average of 5-10 signals per month and a brief 2-hour trade duration. Targeting a monthly return range of 10-15%.

Tested extensively on historical data for a year, including six months in a demo environment, SCR-GOLD is now live with IC Markets. It seamlessly adapts to other professional brokers with favorable commissions and spreads. Connect to copy and prosper with us – subscribe to our news channels for timely updates.


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Trading performance (absolute gain):
2023: 16%
3 months
This system has been launched on real trading account in October 2023.
16% TWR
Time-Weighted Return is 16% for 3 months.
30% DD
Drawdown didn't exceed 30%.
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$40 per month
Get copied the strategy from MQL5. Price is 40$ per month. Fast order execution and tight spreads for cross pairs are required. Your MT5 terminal should stay online 24/7 in order to ensure synchronous copying of trades. Or you can rent VPS or get it for free (e.g. from here).
15% (profit share)
This method involves direct management of the trading account. Your account is managed in automatic mode with the use of trading transactions copying tools. To get started, you should open an account at the link with one of the 10 offered brokers on the PAGE.
We take care of all the technical work. Your involvement in trading is not required.
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