Trading system: SCR-EURUSD

Precision and control: unveiling the EURUSD daily trend-following trading system with strategic risk management

The SCR-EURUSD trading system operates on a daily timeframe, meticulously designed to align with the characteristics of the EURUSD currency pair. This trend-following system strategically navigates the market dynamics to capitalize on prevailing trends.

The key feature lies in the system's adaptive approach to trading volume. Initially, the transaction volume is divided into parts, with the allocation contingent on the strength of the trading signal. This dynamic allocation ensures a responsive and proportional response to market conditions.

In instances where the price deviates against the anticipated trend, the system employs position build-up, allowing for strategic adjustments to capitalize on market reversals.

Risk management is a paramount aspect of this trading system. The implementation of StopLoss orders safeguards against excessive losses. Exit from profitable positions is predominantly executed through market orders, optimizing efficiency in capitalizing on gains.

The trader maintains stringent control over risks, ensuring that potential losses are capped at a maximum of 10% per month. If the monthly loss threshold of 10% is reached, trading operations are promptly suspended until the commencement of the subsequent month. This disciplined risk management approach enhances the longevity and sustainability of the trading system, fostering a balanced and controlled trading environment.

The trading system works with the trading account in Insta Forex company.

Get copied this strategy to your account
Choose the option that fits you best to copy SCR-EURUSD trading system. You may rely on us if you need an advice.
$30 per month
Get copied the strategy from MQL5. Price is 30$ per month. Fast order execution and tight spreads for cross pairs are required. Your MT4 terminal should stay online 24/7 in order to ensure synchronous copying of trades. Or you can rent VPS or get it for free (e.g. from here).
10% (profit share)
This method involves direct management of the trading account. Your account should be opened by clicking a link with one of the 10 offered brokers on the PAGE.
We take care of all the technical work. Your involvement in trading is not required.
Trading performance (absolute gain):
2023: 6%
2 months
This system has been launched on real trading account in October 2023.
6% TWR
Time-Weighted Return is 6% for 2 months.
1% DD
Drawdown didn't exceed 1%.
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