Trading system: SCR-Perseverance

It has been stopped on 31.03.2023. This strategy will soon be replaced by a new and advanced strategy.

Multicurrency trading system with conservative risk.

Multicurrency trading system "SCR Perseverance" is semi-automated trading system based on the grid algorithm. It is managed by a robot which opens trades according to the rules in the code. The robot uses Take Profit orders, and does not use Stop Loss orders. Instead of them the robot opens a new trade with increased lot size after the price goes some distance against the market, and moves the order Take Profit. In other words, there is an averaging of the entry price. If there is a signal to open a position in the opposite direction, the robot will do it on the same principle. As a result, we get trading positions in both directions, which reduces the level of drawdown, and increase the return. Several currency pairs are involved in trading activity.

The manual part of the trading system is to prevent deep drawdowns, and where possible - to limit the potential loss. Due to the fact that manual intervention is used, reliable functioning of the system with a minimum chance of losses is achieved.

The absence of trading activity during the three months of 2022 (March - May) was caused by force majeure - a geopolitical crisis in the country (war). There was a deliberate break in the work, so as not to expose the trading system to additional risks. During this time a more reliable place to continue trading was found, and trading activity was resumed in June.
The issue of risk is very acute for us. Sometimes drastic measures are taken for that, up to a complete stop of the trading activity.

The drawdown on the account reached 60%.
Average monthly return of the strategy is 10%.

Brokers, with which the trading system works with the best efficiency:

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Performance with alternative brokers
Asses the potential of the trading system with other brokerage companies where our bot works.
Trading performance with RedMars broker
The "Perseverance" automated trading system works well with RedMars broker. Impeccable accurate execution, good liquidity and competitive spreads are the main features of the broker. The yield curve speaks for itself.
MyFxBook monitoring
To know more about the system and how to get managed this strategy on your account directly please contact us directly: online chat, e-mail, telegram .

Trading performance

2020: 25%
2021: 162%

2022: 169%
2023: 404%
26 months
This system has been launched on real trading account in November 2020.
1562% TWR
Time-Weighted Return is 1562% for 26 months.
63% DD
Drowdown reached 63%.
Feedback from our followers
  • Really cool strategy. I'm totally agree with the risks. This is a risky, but profitable trading. It's worth it! But it's a shame that the manager stopped the strategy. I will wait for the start of a new one, more advanced.👍
    Mike Ross
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