Trading system: Evolution

Advanced trading system with semi-automated execution.

Evolution is a mix of two trading systems that have proven successful over the years. One system is fully automated. It works independently. Its main trading algorithm is a slightly adapted version of Perseverance trading strategy.
Another one is manual trading system, with manual riskmanagement.
Target average monthly return is 20%. Both systems complement each other.
Risk to return ratio is 1:3.

The absence of trading activity during the three months of 2022 (June - July) was caused by force majeure - a geopolitical crisis in the country (war). There was a deliberate break in the work, so as not to expose the trading system to additional risks. During this time a more reliable place to continue trading was found, and trading activity was resumed in June.
The issue of risk is very acute for us. Sometimes drastic measures are taken for that, up to a complete stop of the trading activity.

Broker where strategy is applied: INVESTIZO.
PAMM account which you can use to invest your funds: SCR_Evolution R-2100088569 (registration required)
The minimum amount to invest in the PAMM is $100.

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You will have also good results with any broker from the LIST
The risk level can be changed individually for each individually managed account.
The recommended minimum deposit amount to get the strategy onboard is 2000 USD or equivalent.
MT4/MT5 accounts are accepted.
Brokers for U.S. residents: ForexChief and LMFX


How to copy Evolution

1. Sign up with Investizo broker.
2. Open a trading account and deposit it with $100 minimum
3. Go to the "Investments" tab and find our trading system SCR_Evolution (R-2100088569)
4. If you can't find our strategy, type SCR in the search box. This will help you find it faster.
5. Click on our trading system to go to its performance page. Find the "Invest in trader" button and click on it.
6. You will be redirected to the next page where you should confirm your desire to copy the trading system.
To know more about the system and to get managed this strategy on your account please contact us directly: online chat, E-mail, Telegram, WhatsApp .
MyFXBook live monitoring

Special offer!
Open an account with Investizo and get 3 months of managing your account for free. Min. required deposit to invest is 5000 USD.
Performance with alternative brokers
Asses the potential of the trading system with other brokerage companies where our bot works.
Trading performance with HotForex broker
The "Evolution" automated trading system shows excellent performance on a trading account with a small deposit size. Trading is done on a HotForex broker account. The company is ideal for mixed systems that are sensitive to spreads, execution speed and overnight liquidity.
MyFxBook monitoring
Get copied this strategy to your account
Choose the option that fits you best to copy EVOLUTION trading system. You can count on us when you need a consultation.
20% (profit share)
We broadcast our trading signals directly to your trading account. This is a fully automated process. Special software is used to transmit signals. Performance fee is 20% (high watermark rule). Prerequisite: Your trading account should be opened with any broker from our ranking. Availability of a stable 24/7 internet connection is a must.
25% (profit share)
Get copying the strategy within Investizo social trading platform. To do that you should open an account with Investizo, and find the strategy "SCR_Evolution" with number R-2100088569 under "Investments" section of personal account area.
Profit share plan:
  • investor: 75%
  • trader: 25%
To know more about the system and how to get managed this strategy on your account please contact us directly: online chat, e-mail, telegram , whatsapp.

Trading performance

2021: 5%
2022: 162%
2023: 127%
26 months
This system has been launched on real trading account in November 2021.
525% TWR
Time-Weighted Return is 525% for 26 months.
53% drawdown
Maximum permissible DD level is 55%.
Contact us any way you like to get more about this system.
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