Forex copy trading, also known as social trading or mirror trading, has seen a surge in popularity over the past decade. Investors are drawn to platforms where they can replicate the trades of successful traders automatically.

The concept is straightforward: utilize technology to copy the real-time trades of chosen investors, known as signal providers. This way, whenever they execute a trade, it's mirrored in your own brokerage account.

To get started, the first step is selecting a copy trading platform. These platforms offer tools for automatically copying trades in real-time, customized to individual preferences.

Next, choose a signal provider whose trades you wish to replicate. These providers offer their trades for copying in real-time. Decide on the extent of replication and the amount of capital to allocate.
MQL5 signals is a copy-trading service allowing you to automatically copy provider's deals on your trading account. VPS is required.
Signal Start
Signal Start is a professional one stop shop signal service. The service is completely transparent and allows you to copy trades from any forex account 24/7. VPS is not required.
ZuluTrade is a social and copy trading online platform that allows users to mimic the investing strategies of trading "experts" in forex markets. It provides rankings of investor performance and allow investors to immediately observe and copy other trader's portfolios.
Here's how to begin copy trading with SCR Traders Group in 7 steps:
  • 1
    Choose the signal
    Compare the performance of our trading systems.
  • 2
    Rent a VPS
    Consider renting a VPS if required by the platform.
  • 3
    Fund your account
    Allocate a portion of your account balance to copying our trading positions.
  • 4
    Identify risks
    Fine-tune risk management settings and decide whether to copy existing positions or only new ones.
  • 5
    Start copying
    Initiate copying of the chosen trading system.
  • 6
    Track performance
    Monitor your account's performance regularly, adjusting settings as needed.
  • 7
    Make adjustments
    Adapt parameters and subscriptions based on changes in provider performance or market expectations.
Applied for accounts that opened with recommended brokers and deposited with min. 10,000 USD (or equivalent).
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