Trading system: Compressor_MVsocial

100% automated trading system for MT4/MT5 trading platform.

This is automated forex trading system that operates exclusively at night, after the close of the American trading session, is designed to take advantage of market movements that occur during this period of lower liquidity. This trading system is programmed to analyze market data, including technical indicators and economic news releases, and to execute trades based on predefined trading setups.

The system is designed to be highly adaptable and flexible, with the ability to adjust to changing market conditions in real-time. It employs advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques to learn from past trading performance and to continuously optimize its trading strategies.

To minimize risk, the system incorporates strict risk management protocols, including stop-loss orders and position sizing. It also utilizes sophisticated trading analytics and reporting tools to track performance and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, this automated forex trading system offers traders the opportunity to take advantage of the unique opportunities presented by nighttime trading while minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

Compressor_MVsocial trading strategy shows excellent results with the MarketsVox broker. And it can be copied from the social trading platform of this company.

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How to copy Compressor_MVsocial

1. Open an account with MarketsVox broker.
2. Deposit your acount min. $500
3. Sign up on MVsocial website
4. Add your trading account under My Metatrader Accounts in "Copytrading" section
5. Choose "SCR Compressor - 95038444" under Programs in "Copytrading" section
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To know more about the system and to get managed this strategy on your account please contact us directly: online chat, e-mail, telegram, whatsapp .
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Trading performance
2023: 112%
9 months
This system has been launched on real trading account in March 2023.
112% growth
Time-Weighted Return is 112% for 9 months.
15% drawdown
Drowdown didn't exceed 15%.
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