Trading system: Reanimator

Fully-automated trading system based on fractal reversal patterns.

It is an Intraday multi-asset trading strategy based on Elliot Waves across multiple time-frames and recurring fractal wave patterns. It has around 80% of positive trades.
This strategy uses complex neural network model that allows it to adapt to changes in the market's direction. The trading system uses the technique of averaging the entry price if the market goes in the opposite direction. Nevertheless, this profitable system keeps safe risk rewards ratios, and consistently profit and grow.
Analysis of market entry points is conducted in automatic mode, on several time intervals. Technical models on the charts of other trading assets, such as the dollar index, key stock indices and volatility index are taken into account. In other words, a comprehensive analysis of financial markets is carried out and then a decision is made.

Broker where strategy is applied: Investizo. The best performance is achieved with this broker.
To invest to this system you are recommended to open an account with Investizo broker, with minimum deposit of $2000.

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Broker for USA residents: LMFX
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Minimum required deposit to invest is 5000 USD.

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To know more about the system and how to get managed this strategy on your account please contact us directly: online chat, e-mail, telegram .

Trading performance

2021: 5%
2 months
This system has been launched on real trading account in December 2020.
5% growth
0.1% drawdown
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