SCR Signal: Elevate Your Trading with Automated Precision

Enjoy the privilege of copying our trading strategy onto your MT4/MT5 accounts for FREE, regardless of your invested funds' size. With seamless subscription, your accounts sync with our master trading account, eliminating the need for an extra VPS server cost. Our local server setup ensures the lowest ping (0.1ms to 5ms), and subscribers have control over copy ratios (10%-100%) and drawdown limits for added risk management. Experience precision in trade copying without the subscription fees.

SCR Signal: Trading Algorithms

Profitable trading
Precise trading signals are generated, ensuring high accuracy, while the associated risk is effectively managed through dynamic orders
Proven results
The trading results have been independently verified, attesting to the system's performance
Automated execution
Every aspect of the trading operations is entirely automated, ensuring efficiency and precision
High quality support
Round-the-clock customer support is at your service, offering assistance whenever you need it

Choose from our trading strategies

Our trading portfolio consists of several dozen trading accounts, the main strategies are monitored to make it easier for you to familiarise yourself with the performance.
Our Telegram channels with trading signals are available to you for FREE!

Benchmark trading system: SCR-EURAUD

Live statistics derived from the trading account actively managed by the SCR_v.2.0 trading bot. This specific trading account serves as the foundation for the SCR-EURAUD trading system, which is made available for replication, providing an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the underlying trading algorithm.

Trading System Key Features

Our monthly target ranges from 5% to 10%. Trading hours: from Monday to Friday. Trades are executed within a 24-hour cycle, ensuring no carryover beyond the day or the weekend.
Short-Term Trading Strategy
Capitalizing on brief market movements, positions are opened and closed within a short time frame, with an average trade duration of 3 hours.
Maximum Drawdown Limited to 5%
Tailored to the investor's risk level, potential losses are well-controlled, allowing for recovery in subsequent trades or at the next opportunity. Stop-loss is implemented for daily risk management.
Multi-Entry Techniques
The system simultaneously opens 1-3 operations, avoiding Hedge or Martingale strategies. This minimizes exposure and mitigates the risk of loss during significant market movements.

The best and proven brokers compatible with our system

Our broker selection is grounded in both our firsthand experience and that of our clients (investors). Over our extensive operational history, we meticulously seek out optimal brokerage firms that offer the most favorable trading conditions, allowing us to effectively implement our trading systems. Each broker undergoes rigorous testing in a real trading environment, spanning a minimum of six months.
Ready to embark on your trading journey?
While our top preferences include IC Markets, Fusion Markets, One Royal, Infinox and Tickmill brokers, we are adaptable and can seamlessly collaborate with any other regulated broker of your choice.
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