No matter you win or lose on a trade, you gain cashback. It is also popularly known as *rebate. Increase your forex/crypto trading profit with the highest forex rebates. Open an account with one of advised brokers and get rebate from us for each your trade!

We pay back a part of the spread or commission to all traders who open an account with our referral links. If you want to get payout rebate higher than other providers offer you - just contact us and we will be happy to offer more, and beat the values of the competitors!

We work individually with each client and we are ready to beat any competitor's offer.

Step-by-step instruction for getting the cashback can be founded below.


1. You open an account with any of advised brokers from the list;

2. You provide us your full name, broker's name, E-mail address you registered with the broker, and real account number, using the form:
3. You trade yourself or invest to any traders/funds (e.g. you can try our account management solutions);

4. You get cashback rewards from us according to pre-agreed individual arrangements. We pay rebates for each your trading transaction, no matter what the outcome of the deal is (profit or loss). Cashback is deposited to your wallet automatically once a month. A contract is signed between the parties. Some brokers support rebates credited directly to your trading account for each trade.

The larger your deposit and trading activity, the higher cashback we can offer you (could be discussed individually).

Example: you opened an account with SuperForex broker and deposited it with $1000. We pay $5 per every traded lot with SuperForex. And you made a total monthly trading volume on EURUSD pair equal to 20 lots. Regardless of what profit you receive, you will be automatically credited with $100 from us to your wallet or bank account.


If you are already a client of any of advised brokers, you are also eligible to get cashback from us. All you need to do, is send an email from your registered email to our email address:

We will send you back instructions how to proceed in order to start getting cashback from us.

Alternatively you may send us an e-mail via this mailform:
I would like to assign my existing trading account (specified above) to your partner group in order to receive cashback from SCR Trades Group.
Please advise me on how to proceed.
Thank you!

  • Cashback on every trade

  • Cashback is automatically and regularly credited to your account/wallet

  • Highest rebate rates (from 50% to 99%)

  • Individual conditions and assistance for each client

  • We work with trusted and reputable brokers only

*Rebate (= cashback) is a payment made by rebate provider (SCR Traders Group) for the benefit of the trader for every his trade executed. Rebate provider refers traders to the broker and share the partner's comission with them.

Contact us to get more about cashback.

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